Health Services

Follow safe work practices for direct client care.

Unit Code: HLTWHS002

Unit Overview

Work-related injury and disease cost the Australian economy over $61 billion annually. This unit is designed to provide learners with the knowledge to work safely in client care situations and to understand the importance of following safe work practices to support increased safety for themselves and clients. Knowledge and skills are provided in authentic learning experiences to reflect on safe work practices.

Using practical and real-world role plays, observations, interactive knowledge strategies, and sample industry documentation, this unit provides learners with every opportunity to succeed within authentic learning situations to be better equipped to work safely and efficiently in the community health industry.

The eLearning modules and assessments will help learners gain skills and knowledge to be job-ready to:

  • Direct client care
  • Manual handling
  • Infection control

Prerequisites and assessment

Skills must be demonstrated in the workplace OR in an environment that provides realistic in-depth industry validated scenarios and simulations to assess candidates’ skills and knowledge.

Qualification and Training package mapping

This unit is delivered across three training packages including:

  • Community Services (CHC)
  • Health (HLT)
  • Creative Arts and Culture (CUA)