Community Services

Support independence and wellbeing.

Unit Code: CHCCCS023


Unit Overview

More than 4 million Australians receive aged care or disability support and demand is strong for frontline support service workers. This unit introduces learners to the skills and knowledge needed to provide individualised services to support independence, or physical and emotional wellbeing within a community service context.

This unit is interactive with industry-appropriate activities and assessments created to provide learners with job-ready skills.

The eLearning modules and assessments will help learners gain skills and knowledge to be job-ready to:

  • Recognise and support individual differences
  • Promote independence
  • Support physical wellbeing
  • Support social, emotional, and psychological wellbeing

Prerequisites and assessment

Skills must have been demonstrated in a relevant workplace with the addition of simulations and scenarios where the full range of contexts and situations have not been provided in the workplace. Where simulation is used it must reflect real working conditions and contingencies by modeling industry operating conditions and contingencies, as well as using suitable facilities, equipment and resources.

Qualification and Training package mapping

This unit is delivered across two training packages including:

  • Health Services (HLT)
  • Community Services (CHC)