Community Services

Meet personal support needs.

Unit Code: CHCCCS011

Unit Overview

More than 15% of Australia’s population is older than 65. To support and service this ageing population, there is an increasing demand for quality carers. Providing personal support for an individual is incredibly rewarding and an exciting career prospect. Not only can learners make a difference in people’s lives, but employment opportunities continue to grow strongly.

This unit will support learners to develop industry readiness, Dimensions of Competency and Foundation Skills. The unit provides interesting, educational, and practical support while being highly applicable in the learners’ personal and work lives, with authentic learning experiences within real or simulated workplace environments.

The eLearning modules and assessments will help learners gain skills and knowledge to be job-ready to:

  • Provide personal support
  • Maximise patient participation
  • Determine personal support requirements
  • Complete reporting and other documentation
  • Meet support needs based on individual support plans

Prerequisites and assessment

Skills must have been demonstrated in a relevant workplace that provides personal support services to people, with the addition of simulations and scenarios where the full range of contexts and situations have not been provided in the workplace. These are situations relating to emergency or unplanned procedures where assessment in these circumstances would be unsafe, impractical or threatens the dignity of the person.

Qualification and Training package mapping

This unit is delivered across the Community Services (CHC) training package.