Community Services

Facilitate the empowerment of older people.

Unit Code: CHCAGE001

Unit Overview

The Australian Human Rights Commission states that provision of quality aged care and support is a fundamental human right requiring participation, accountability, equality and empowerment. Empowerment for older people is vital as they begin to lose their sense of independence and freedom. This unit will provide skills for your learners to advocate for others by creating supportive relationships with older people and making a difference in their lives.

Learners will discover knowledge, activities, resources, and assessment to be equipped with industry readiness, Dimensions of Competency, and Foundation Skills in this unit with interesting, educational, and practical support. Become Content resources are highly applicable for the learners’ personal and work lives with authentic knowledge and learning experiences within real or simulated workplace environments.

The eLearning modules and assessments will help learners gain skills and knowledge to be job-ready to:

  • Facilitate the empowerment of older people by teaching them how to develop relationships
  • Provide support services
  • Support and advocate for the rights of older people
  • Promote health and re-ablement

Prerequisites and assessment

All aspects of the performance evidence must have been demonstrated using simulation prior to being demonstrated in the workplace.

Qualification and Training package mapping

This unit is delivered across four training packages including:

  • Health Services (HLT)
  • Community Services (CHC)
  • Creative Arts and Culture (CUA)
  • Tourism, Travel and Hospitality (SIT)