Community Services

Communicate and work in health or community services.

Unit Code: CHCCOM005

Unit Overview

The health and community services industries are experiencing increased demand nationally for skilled workers. This unit is designed to provide learners with the knowledge and skills required to communicate effectively with clients, colleagues, management and other industry providers as they work in various industries to provide support, and the opportunity to thrive in future health or community services careers.

This unit will support learners with authentic industry readiness through applying Dimensions of Competency, Foundation Skills, and Principles of Assessment. Your learners will not only find this unit interesting, educational, and practical, but also highly applicable in their personal and work life as they encounter learning experiences within real or simulated workplace environments.

This unit applies to a range of health and community service contexts where workers may communicate face-to-face, in writing or using digital media. Learners will benefit from acquired skills and knowledge in learning to work with limited responsibility under direct or indirect supervision.

The eLearning modules and assessments will help learners gain skills and knowledge to be job-ready to:

  • Collaborate with colleagues
  • Understand how to report issues
  • Complete workplace documentation
  • Contribute to continuous workplace improvement
  • Communicate effectively with co-workers and clients

Prerequisites and assessment

Skills must have been demonstrated in the workplace or in a simulated environment that reflects workplace conditions. Where simulation is used, it must reflect real working conditions by modelling industry operating conditions and contingencies, as well as, using suitable facilities, equipment and resources.

Qualification and Training package mapping

This unit is delivered across three training packages including:

  • Health Services (HLT)
  • Community Services (CHC)
  • Creative Arts and Culture (CUA)